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British Met Office agrees with IEA conclusions

   The British Met Office has agreed with some of the main conclusions reached by the Institute of Economic Analysis report, How Warming Is Being Made: The Case of Russia, published on December 16, 2009.

   In a statement e-mailed to the Investors Business Daily, the Hadley Centre, the U.K.'s top climate research outfit, said: We do not choose these stations The World Meteorological Organisation chooses the set of stations designated as essential climate stations that have been released by the Met Office.

   Dave Britton, spokesman for the Met Office, which includes the Hadley Centre, said: If we use every single piece of temperature data that is available then we would probably suggest that the (Russian) warming would actually be greater... They don't use all data, he explains, because they must be quality-controlled, taken from reliable sources and consistent with other temperature data sets.

   By making this statement the British Met Office has agreed with some of the main conclusions reached by the IEAs report, namely:

   1. The Met Offices Hadley Centre and Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia used not all, but only part, of the climatic data available at the moment (from only 25% of all currently working Russian meteorological stations).

   2. The selected sample of climatic data is not representative, since the results it produces probably do not coincide with the results from the full database.

   In other words, the British Met Offices statements are consistent with some of the main conclusions of the IEAs report: the use of data by its researchers in the calculations of global temperature do not meet basic scientific standards and therefore the resulting temperature measure an increase in the global temperature by 0,74 turns out to be unreliable. In order to assess the real rate of temperature change during the last century it is necessary to recalculate all global temperature data according to the corrected methodology.

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